Top 3 Construction Site Safety Tips

Construction sites tend to be extremely volatile in nature and can lead to fatal injuries if prior safety measures aren’t taken into consideration. In this article, we look at some of the construction site safety measures.

1. Workers

Workers need to be cautious in construction sites. Since there are many hazardous pieces of machinery, tools and objects lying around; there are also open electricity lines and toxic substance lying around. A worker needs to be aware of his surroundings at all times and need to b wearing protective equipment at all times as well. The workers need to inform supervisors about any possible failure, to prevent any mishap that might occur. Workers should inspect fall arrest system before and after using them, so that the next shift of workers can be safe from falls and that there are no mishaps to people working underneath or on the lower levels.

2. Employer

The employer needs to be aware of the number of fatal accidents that rob the lives of young construction workers. They need to be able to provide state of the art fall arresting system along with guardrails and toeboards. The employer needs to understand the high-risk situation in which these people work in and how that all of it can come crashing down because on worker didn’t get his hard hat on time.

3. Union

The union needs to educate workers along with the employer to help the workers understand the importance of safety. In most occasions the union and employer are on opposite spectrums, this leads to a lot of friction between the two. The union wants incentive bonuses all the time while the employer wants effective construction site workers. In the end, neither benefit from this standoff resulting in the worker not being able to benefit from the programs offered by the company. So our advice is that if you want to join a union, join that is flexible and one that works in tandem with the workers as well as the employer.

The union along with the employer can conduct audits to understand the gap in the industry and come together like never before. With the advent of robotic development in the field of construction, employers are at a distinct advantage but understand that the complete removal of workers from sites is going to be impossible, but there exists a future where organizations will prefer robots over humans. But for the time being multiskilled workers are the need of the hour and there exists a great opportunity for the two sides to make peace and help the worker grow.

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