The advantages of stone cladding

Stone cladding adds visual appeal to your indoor or outdoor space. It is also one of the most cost effective home improvements, plus the durability of the stones is a good alternative to using traditional methods of wall cladding.

Following are some of the advantages of stone cladding for walls

It has an aesthetic appeal

Since stone is a natural material it can be used both in indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s a great way of creating visual impact in a room and adding some character to it. Stones are marked with thousands of years of formation. These are the very imperfections of the stones which make them ideal for wall cladding. Stone walls have their own natural texture and variations. These variations can be used to connect the indoor space to the outer space. You have the choice of using desired color tones. You can either go for cool grey tone or you may want to go for the more rustic appeal of tan stone walls.

Stone wall cladding is durable and waterproof

Since stone wall cladding is generally done to decorate the outdoor space of your homes it is necessary that it should be quiet durable. It is weather proof and is resistant to corrosion and prevents mold from growing on to it. Stone walls are also resistant to breaking and shipping and can withstand all kind of weather conditions.

Once you have enacted a stone cladded wall you do not have to spend any time for its maintenance. All it requires is an occasional cleaning and you are good to go. Also it should be kept in mind that stone cladded walls are fire resistant. If you live in an area which is prone to frequent fire breakouts you may benefit from getting stone cladding done on the walls.

Easy to install

Another benefit of stone cladded walls is that these are pretty easy to install. All you require is a structurally sound wall and material for the cladding. The tiles come in different shapes and sizes but which need to be exactly the same size to give a more structured look. However some people prefer random pieces but these need to be hand selected and then put in place. The stone wall panels come with an interlocking system which makes it easier to place the other tiles together and helps finish the work in no time at all.

Stone cladding is pretty much versatile

Stone wall cladding from KLS Sandstone can be used in the bathroom as well as near the fireplace. It can even be made into a feature wall to add visual dimension to an open space. When used in exterior spaces the stone wall panels can add structure to a building façade. Layers and textures can be added to the patio walls to create a simplistic yet charming look.

You have the option of choosing stone wall cladding according to your own personal preference. There are many possibilities which you can talk about with your interior decorator.

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