Information about Cement Rendering in Sydney


Because not everyone is familiar with all the aspects of building and construction, it comes as no surprise that some are not sure of what cement rendering is all about. But in this section of the article, this very important aspect of the construction industry will be discussed.

In building and construction parlance, cement rendering is the process by which the application of a mixture of cement and sand is done over stone, brick, concrete, or even mud brick. This application is often done to cover external walls, but they can also be utilised in the designs of the inner walls. In many cases, the walls that have been rendered are then painted upon so as to look even more attractive and also improve their durability.


Over time, cement rendering has been done regularly to the point that it is now considered an integral part of the construction, but the question that many ask is why this process is important? Well, cement rendering is essential for a number of reasons. The first is that it is used to step up the appearance of the building in a positive way, but that is not all. Rendering can also be done for buildings so as to protect them from hostile weather patterns. So questions have been raised like, does cement rendering offer the same look?


Sydney is one of the most important cities in the country, and it has one of the most substantial fractions of projects in the construction industry. One of the processes that are continuously done, as expected, is cement rendering which happens to be big business in Sydney. All over the city, there are several companies of different sizes and capacities that offer cement rendering services to all who can make payments. It has also been observed that while these companies differ in sophistication, there are those that still make use of the traditional methods of rendering, while others employ the latest of technology and machinery.

For the former, they stick to the old ways of doing things. For example, the cement render is composed of six parts of fine sand, one of cement and one part of lime. The essence of the lime that is included is to ensure that the rendered mixture is very easy to work with and decrease the formation of cracks when the whole thing starts to dry up. In this style, any type of cement can be utilised, and in order to increase the adhesion, many additives can be added to it. Rougher sand is also used for the lower sections while the fine sand is used for the upper layers and this is how it has been for centuries. Some have often compared the traditional way of rendering to the application of paint. In order to make sure the render sticks properly, the surface that the render will be applied to is cleaned properly so as to ensure there are no dirt or particles that can spoil the work.

However, that is the traditional way of doing things. Today, some cement rendering companies in Sydney use automated processes and machines to get the rendering done. From the mixing of the components to get the render to the applications of the render on the wall, all is done by machines, and the results are pretty impressive.

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