Service Offered by Electricians

Electricity can be a good friend but a bad enemy. It provides comfort by allowing us to see amidst darkness by giving power to both fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs and tubes in our homes. However, a single mistake caused by a short circuit could ruin everything. A lot of people have lost their lives due to an explosion or an inevitable conflagration.

This is primarily the reason why electrician in North Lakes has dedicated their lives in serving the need for electricity in its area of responsibility, including some of its neighbouring places  in Australia. They had earned respect and confidence of their fellow Aussies by being sensitive to the idea that ordinary homeowners cannot do it on their own. They need experienced electricians to do the job for them in order to avoid the possibilities of human error which could cause further damage to lives or properties.

Job description

The electrician is solely responsible in the installation and maintenance of electrical wiring, control, and lighting systems. They conduct thorough inspections of all electrical components like circuit breakers in homes, offices, and buildings. Likewise, transformers are also one of their favourite items to manipulate or repair since it is prone to overload and malfunction. In addition, they are responsible for identifying electrical problems using a lot of testing devices. Moreover, their challenging job includes repair and replacement of faulty wiring, maintenance of electrical equipment and fixtures and fixing other related electrical components using hand tools and power tools.


Electricians in North Lake specialise in the installation and general maintenance of all electrical and power systems in your homes, offices, businesses, and factories. They pay particular attention to how an edifice or establishment is wired and how to control equipment function according to the desired electrical flow.

Residential electricians vs. Industrial electricians

The former is responsible for troubleshooting electrical problems at home while the latter repairs and or manipulates bigger electrical machines, equipment, motors, and control systems in big corporations or companies. With respect to an electrician’s job, a lot of things can be accomplished, and every task is done with deep concentration and extreme focus on what is being repaired or manipulated.


  • Skills in reading and communication – Electricians need to understand user’s manual of operation from simple appliances to complex electrical machinery. Instructions must also be carried out in order not to cause minor or major damage property because of negligence. More importantly, licensed and accredited electricians have technical knowledge on specifications of materials that are for repair or installation.
  • Excellent aptitude in mathematics – A simple computation for wattage or voltage needs to have an accurate answer to prevent electrical overload. Good electricians also need to work closely with numbers, especially for commercial and industrial electricity requirements.
  • Average strength, manual dexterity, and mechanical abilities – Peeling a wire or tightening a nut on either a positive or a negative contact point doesn’t require the strength of Samson. Though at times, holding or gripping a long nose while cutting on entangled wires may require patience and concentration to be able to get the job done correctly.
  • Ability to distinguish colours – This is extremely important for electricians since the majority of repairs and installation today depend on colour-coded wiring.
  • Planning and organising skills – An electrician’s recommendation on where to safely place electrical wires and other fixtures inside a huge building is critical to construction standards. Moreover, following a detailed program of work in electrical installation avoids failures and setbacks.

Ability to work in elevated areas – Installing or repairing something on greater heights should not be a problem for experienced electricians.

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