Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance

Sweltering heat can be a major problem if your air conditioner isn’t working properly. After a long and hard day at work, all of us want to come home to a cool room where one can relax. Now imagine if your air conditioner doesn’t work properly, the first thing you would do is call the air conditioner maintenance service in Canberra. However, keeping certain things in mind can prevent the air conditioner from breaking down and improve its life span as well. Just so you don’t have to call in maintenance crew in an emergency, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Carry out a simple cleaning procedure, the first thing though is to close the power supply when cleaning the unit. This would help prevent any injuries due to lose wiring or a current.
  • When that’s done make sure you concentrate on cleaning the exterior unit of the air conditioner. Start by removing the fan cage. Try to remove all the debris like fallen leaves or sand from the interior of the fan.
  • Use a hose to gently clean the insides with running water. This would ensure complete removal of all the dirt and debris. Avoid using pressure washer to clean the fins because the pressure might destroy the fins or bend those out of shape. You can even make use of a commercial fin cleaning spray which is easily available in the market.
  • Bent fins can seriously restrict the airflow. Make sure you straighten out the bent fins with the help of a small pen knife. Make sure you carry out this in a gentle manner so as to not destroy the tubing in the fan.

  • Once you have cleaned the unit properly, make sure you clean the area around the unit as well. Get rid of all the leaves by raking them away. Make sure that the area of two feet around the unit is completely clean and free of any sort of dirt. Also make sure to cover the outer unit with the help of a plastic cover or plywood to prevent leaves and other dirt from entering the unit and lowering its efficiency. Make sure to partially cover the unit because covering it on the whole can give access to vermin to build a nest inside the unit.
  • Make sure the unit rests on a proper padding. Over a period of time the pad upon which the unit rests might start to sag. Make sure you replace it to ensure that the condenser is at the correct level.
  • Don’t forget to clean the evaporator coil as well. Use a no rinse coil cleaner to ensure that the coils are cleaned properly. The coil cleaner would foam up and fall into the drain pan. Make sure to clean the drain pan with soap and warm water. When that is done, pour a mixture of bleach and water into the drain, this will clear out any algae growth.
  • Clean any plugged evaporator drains to ensure proper air flow.

While these things can be done by yourself, if it sounds too much you can always call in a maintenance crew at air conditioning Canberra to help with the servicing and cleaning of the air conditioning unit.

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