Mould Removal Techniques

Mould can cause severe health problems. Mould can occur in homes at any time. The key is to get rid of it before it gets out of hand. It is a major nuisance and can cause your shiny pipes to become dull and blackened over time also mould can hit the bathroom walls and make it look old and decrepit.

Mould also releases small spores which can cause a major hazard for people who suffer from allergens. It can cause problems for bot people who are asthmatic and your pest may get bogged down as well. You don’t have to worry. If the mould problem is somewhat new, the good news is that you can get rid of it on your own or through the use of mould removal specialists in Port Macquarie or Nambucca Heads.

In case the mould problem is too big or if you are facing issues with black mould, it would be better to call in professionals for mould removal. However, smaller problems can be easily dealt with at home with the help of the following techniques.

Identifying mould

Mould can grow just about anywhere. It thrives in warm damp places. That’s why mould is more common in washrooms. The most obvious kind of mould is found in the form of mildew. It can be identified as mall dark spots. It later on extends into large colonies. Mildew is basically a form of surface mould which won’t cause any harm to your home and can be removed easily.

However, there are various types of mod. There are few which can cause rot and decay to settle within the walls or the wood work. In order to check the extent of damage made by the mould, use a pencil to probe the area. If it starts to crumble, it means the mould is causing major damage and requires immediate action.

You can even check out for a musty odour emanating from the area which has been affected by the mould. Such kind of mould is usually found in any we spots on the carpets or the walls. The causes could be underlying leaking pipes or broken leakages.

Removing mould

Surface mould is easy to clean and can come off easily. You need to make a mixture of half cup bleach, I quarter water and add some detergent to it the bleach helps to kill off the mould. The detergent makes it easier to clean it up. If making the mixture isn’t something which comes to you easily, you can also buy a readymade mildew cleaner which is easily available in the market.

While cleaning off the mild make sure to take the necessary precautions. Use clothes which cover all the bare areas. Also use gloves to avoid coming in direct contact with the mould. It can cause serious allergies, that’s why it’s better to be prepared to get rid of mould using the right equipment and clothes.

In case the infestation has spread to the walls and the roof of the house, it is better to take help from the experts.

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